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Celesta 900 Frameless Swinging Shower Door
Starting at  $549.99 

Frameless Swinging Shower Door

The Celesta 900 is our most exquisite frameless swinging shower enclosure. Celesta units feature 3/8" glass and a variety of hardware in numerous, elegant finishes. This luxury glass and majestic appearance can transform your bathroom into a spa.

Application: Shower
Door Type: Swing Door
Frame Type: Celesta
Opening: 20" - 36"
Height: 72" - 84"
Quick Measurement Guide


Detailed Measurement Instructions 

Detailed measurements are required to insure your enclosure fits correctly. 3 widths and 3 height measurements are needed. For width measure at the top, middle, and bottom. For height measure left, center, and right.

Out of Square is when the wall is not plumb (straight up & down). If the top of the wall leans out (away from you) the square is out. If the top of the wall leans in (towards you) the square is in. To make sure your new door or enclosure fits as well as possible measure the distance your wall is in or out at the top height of the shower or tub wall in inches.
*Total opening width including all open sides
***For Out of Square of more than 1/2" on each wall or threshold you may need to order a filler
Frame Finish
Glass Style
Handles / Knobs finish matches frame

A-Actual Width Top

A-Actual Width Middle

A-Actual Width Bottom

Unit Height
Hinge Side
Aqua Glide Door Protectant: